Once Upon a Galaxy

When you reach the twilight of your existence, look back on your life and realize you have accomplished all your desires; you have to share your fulfillment with the world, your children, your family, your dearest friends, and everyone who contributed to your well-being. If the saying "Practice makes perfect" goes, I hope it applies to me. This is my second attempt at writing a book, a sequel to my first one. I do not consider myself a literary writer, far from it. As a matter of fact, in my school years, not only couldn't I put two and two together, but composition was my second weakest subject. As English is not my mother language, it's a double challenge. I have many times used dictionaries to prove my point. At an early age, playing with my dolls, I would tell them all kinds of stories, so you can say that I am more of a storyteller. This is my fairy tale as close to the truth as can be told however, to protect the anonymity of the characters, their names have been changed. Enjoy!

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May, 2011

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