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Dead As a Dodo

Part of the series Homer Kelly

Eccentric Harvard philosophy professor Homer Kelly and his sharp wife Mary are like a literary Nick and Nora Charles of The Thin Man fame. Jane Langston has put the frumpy professor through a series of whimsical mysteries for 30 years now, but this is the most original and fanciful. Combining hard-edged crime suspense with philosophical meanderings, a meditation on Darwinism, intellectual curiousity, Alice in Wonderland-styled zaniness, and a playful prose style, Dead as Dodo is joyful reading.

Booko found 2 book editions of Dead As a Dodo by Jane Langton

Details Published Format New Used
Dead as a Dodo (Homer Kelly Mysteries) by Jane Langton, ISBN: 9780140247954
Dead as a Dodo (Homer Kelly Mysteries)
Nov, 1997 Mass Market Paperback Being refreshed... Being refreshed...
Dead as a Dodo Combination Package by Jane Langton, ISBN: 9780670872428
Dead as a Dodo Combination Package
Nov, 1996 Hardcover Being refreshed... Being refreshed...

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