The Philosopher's God: One Nation Under Who?

Is there any basis for 'God' having a presence in the official life of the United States? This is perhaps the most divisive issue in our country today. In this new work, Kevin Hasson--a religious freedoms attorney who has argued cases in front of the U.S. Supreme Court--offers a possible resolution to this tension by explaining his concept of 'the Philosopher's God.' 'The Philosopher's God' is not rooted in faith but in reason. This is not the God of Abraham or other religions, but the God of Aristotle and Einstein. It is the God recognized in the Declaration of Independence, the 'Creator' who has endowed its citizens with 'certain unalienable Rights.' Throughout history, it has been understood that State does not give citizens rights; they come from a 'higher authority' regardless of religious beliefs. This philosophical understanding of God underlies the founding of the United States and is still essential today. Recognizing this, Hasson shows how citizens can move past the religion/anti-religion culture war plaguing the country.

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United States Aug, 2012

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