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As a mad arsonist known as an Enfer scheme terrorizes the inhabitants of Gotham City, a fire at Arkham Asylum is engineered to provide an escape opportunity for its most infamous inmate, the Joker, who comes up with a scheme to launch the ultimate crime wave, disguised as the Caped Crusader himself. Original.

Booko found 9 book editions of Inferno by Fred Hoyle

Mar, 2009

United Kingdom Feb, 2008

Used: $18.00
United States Feb, 2008
New: $16.82

Used: $11.18
Dec, 2007
New: $30.08

Used: $21.28
Aug, 2007
New: $89.02

Used: $162.15
Jun, 2007
New: $43.84

Used: $21.72
United Kingdom Feb, 2007
New: $284.21

Used: $26.28
United States Jan, 2007
New: $18.37

Used: $16.59
Nov, 1973
New: $168.63

Used: $21.18

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