All the Flowers Are Dying

Matthew Scudder

A man in a Virginia prison awaits execution for three horrific murders he must have committed but swears he didn't . . .

An aging investigator in New York City has seen too much and lost too much -- and is ready to leave the darkness behind . . .

But a nightmare is coming home -- because a brilliant, savage, patient monster has unfinished business in the big city . . . and a hunger that can be satisfied only by fear and the slow, agonizing death of Matthew Scudder and the woman he loves.

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Jul, 2010
New: $12.99

United Kingdom Jun, 2006
New: $18.80

Used: $13.95
Mar, 2006
New: $25.49

Used: $16.74
May, 2005
New: $142.30

Used: $178.02
Mar, 2005

Mar, 2005

Mar, 2005
New: $46.21

Used: $19.93
Mar, 2005
New: $42.57

Used: $57.23
Jan, 2005

Used: $38.66
Jan, 2000

Oct, 2009

New: $141.82

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