Harry Winston

From the legacy of the Hope Diamond to Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend to the sparkle of the red carpet, Harry Winston diamonds are icons of international glamour. Harry Winston opened his doors in New York in 1932, and soon rose to the top of the jewellery industry in New York, and then the world. Winston transformed diamonds into art and revolutionized modern jewellery design by his skill at crafting pieces of jewellery from precious stones that appealed to modern customers. The book shows for the first time decades of the company's exquisite jewellery and timepiece designs, revealing the inspirations behind Winton's iconic jewellery, and his innovations in modern jewellery design. Through exquisite jewellery photography, the book reveals how Winston's early designs have been carried on through the years by other talented jewellery and timepiece designers, and the intricate relationship between gemstone and jewellery design. The book also covers such memorable moments in the company's history such as the "Court of Jewels" exhibition, which travelled across the country, and which Winston used to raise money for various charitable causes; and Winston's gift of the Hope Diamond to the Smithsonian. Drawing from a mix of archival images of original Harry Winston designs and great moments in the company's history; to exquisite new images of contemporary jewellery designs; to red carpet photographs of stars in Harry Winston jewellery, this book showcases Harry Winston as a major component of contemporary high fashion and exquisite design.

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United States Sep, 2012

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