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100 Ghosts

Cut two eyeholes into a bedsheet and Boo! You've got yourself a classic Halloween icon. But what happens if you tie the bedsheet in knots? What happens when you set it on fire, hang it from a clothesline, or put a llama underneath it? 100 Ghosts is a brilliantly simple artistic exploration of an icon as familiar as a grinning jack-o-lantern or an arched black cat. It's a delightful gift for adults, kids, and anyone who enjoys spooky design.

Booko found 2 book editions of 100 Ghosts by Doogie Horner

Details Published Format New Used
100 Ghosts
100 Ghosts
Sep, 2013 eBook Click to Check Click to Check
100 Ghosts
100 Ghosts
Feb, 2013 Hardback Click to Check Click to Check

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