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How I Met Your Father

Aminah Hart's story of falling in love with the anonymous donor-father of her IVF baby, Leila, captured international media attention after it was featured on Australian Story. Now, for the first time, this extraordinary woman has written an account of her life through all its highs and lows.Born in London to a West Indian father and Australian mother, Aminah Hart moved to Melbourne as a baby and was brought up by her feisty single mum, Helen, and beloved grandparents. As an adult Aminah experienced such terrible tragedy that it would have broken many people, but somehow she found the courage and resilience to get back on her feet and try to fulfil her dream of becoming a mother.After the joy and happiness of giving birth to Leila via IVF at age 42, Aminah sought out Leila's donor father, Scott, to see if he'd be interested in meeting Leila. To Aminah's surprise and delight she and Scott fell madly in love and were married - with Leila as flower girl - in December 2015. How I Met Your Father is the ultimate tale of triumphing over tragedy written by a woman whose bravery is utterly awe inspiring. No one could fail to be moved by Aminah's joy at finally become a mother and finding the man of her dreams after what had transpired in her life.

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How I Met Your Father by Aminah Hart, ISBN: 9781952533518
How I Met Your Father
Mar, 2016 eBook Being refreshed... Being refreshed...
How I Met Your Father by Aminah Hart, ISBN: 9781925266900
How I Met Your Father
Mar, 2016 Paperback Being refreshed... Being refreshed...

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