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Sustainable Home

Practical projects, tips and advice for maintaining a more eco-friendly household

The Sustainable Home is an inspirational and practical guidebook to maintaining a more environmentally friendly household. Sustainability enthusiast and zero-waste advocate Christine Liu takes you on a tour through the rooms of your home - the living area, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom - offering tips, tricks and 17 step-by-step projects designed to help you lead a more low-impact lifestyle. Whether its by making your own toothpowder, growing your own herb garden or upcycling old pieces of furniture, there are numerous ways - both big and small - to make a difference.

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Details Published Format New Used
Sustainable Home by Christine Liu, ISBN: 9780711239692
Sustainable Home
Oct, 2018 Hardcover $24.57 $26.99
Sustainable Home by Christine Liu, ISBN: asnB07JH83Q93
Sustainable Home
Oct, 2018 Kindle eBook Click to Check Click to Check

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