The Ghost Tree

Detective Betty Church is forced to revisit ghosts from her past when a skeleton is found buried in the woods. A long buried secret is unearthed in the woods in this pitch-perfect WW2 crime mystery. July, 1914: Sixteen-year-old Etterly, running from something, hides inside the trunk of a tree and disappears. The police search but find no trace. Her family and friends wrack their brains, but come up with nothing. And so slowly life returns to normal. The hole in the tree is boarded up and the town of Sackwater moves on. Only Etterly's best friend, Betty, clings to hope, insisting she can hear her friend crying for help. June, 1940: A skeleton is discovered buried in the woods. Though most clues have long since decayed, it is wearing an unusual necklace. As soon as Inspector Betty Church sees the evidence she recognises it. The necklace belonged to Etterly. Fearing the worst, Betty is determined to solve this strange case once and for all. What happened to Etterly? And why has this secret remained buried for so long?

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Feb, 2021
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Jun, 2020
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