Outback Towns and Pubs

The people you ll meet will touch your heart as Swampy brings to life all the drama and delight of life in outback Australia. There s the story of Frederick Aloysius Millard, the only dog ever to become a member of a Citizens Club in Australia, thanks to the vote of a woman who was sure she d been introduced to this eccentric man twenty years back; the man who refused to go to the doctor after being shot, because he d been hit in a very unfortunate spot ... which made it obvious he d been shot while running away; the unfortunate bloke who tried to blow a snake out of the dunny but ended up nearly taking himself out of existence ... if there s a good story out there, Swampy s captured it for this book. Long after the last tale has been told, you ll still hear laughter from the pub, the crash of a drunken donkey falling in a trench and recall the time ... they found this bloke, sitting in the main street at 3 o clock in the morning, hammering one of those survey pegs in the ground. So they said, What the hell are you doing? And this drunk feller replies, I m driving a peg inta the arsehole of the world. Award - winning writer Bill Swampy Marsh collects yarns that get us in, hook, line and sinker. He gives us back our childhood and shares those precious memories of an Australia that s passing into legend.

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