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The Bureau of Misplaced Dads

When a little boy realizes, ?I accidentally misplaced my dad this morning, ? he runs outside to look for him. There he meets a man who tells the boy he works at the Bureau of Misplaced Dads. ?Come with me, ? the man says. ?With any luck, your father will be there waiting for you ...' At the Bureau of Misplaced Dads, the boy is shown dozens of dads who are missing their children --- including a Super Dad, a dancing dad and a dad ?who always looks like he's just gotten out of bed? --- but none of them are the right dad. None of them are his dad. Is the little boy looking in the wrong place? This funny and heartwarming picture book covers a subject every child can relate to --- the fear of getting separated from a parent. However, in Eric Veille's original story, the roles are reversed and the child is the one searching, while the dads are all ?lost? and waiting to be picked up. The illustrations by Pauline Martin highlight quirky details of the fathers, bringing a light touch to the subject. This book would be a useful classroom tool to begin a discussion about the sensitive topic of fear. With so many different kinds of dads represented here, this book could also spark a lively conversation on family diversity, or even a sharing presentation in which each child can choose which dad is the most like his or her own and why.

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Cover Art for 9781771382380, The Bureau of Misplaced Dads by Eric Veille
The Bureau of Misplaced Dads
Aug, 2015 Hardcover Being refreshed... Being refreshed...
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The Bureau of Misplaced Dads
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