Visual Teams

Graphic tools and visual solutions for team building and development

"Visual Teams" uses visual tools and methods to help teams--both face-to-face and virtual--reach high performance in today's work environment. As teams become more and more global and distributed, visualization provides an important channel of communication--one that opens up the group's mind to improving work systems and processes by understanding relationships, interconnections, and big picture contexts.

"Visual Teams" shares best practices and uses visualization as a power tool for process improvement by providing teams with a common language for high performance. The book: Explores how any kind of team can draw on the principles and practices of creative design teams in the software, architectural, engineering, and information design professionsIntroduces the Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance(TM) Model and related tools--a system used throughout companies such as Nike, Genentech, Becton Dickinson, Chevron, and others

"Visual Teams" presents a comprehensive framework, best practices, and unique visual tools for becoming an innovative, high-performance team.

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Nov, 2011
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Sep, 2011
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