1,001 Voices on Climate Change

Everyday Stories of Flood, Fire, Drought, and Displacement from Around the World

Join journalist Devi Lockwood on this "monumental achievement" (Richard Moor, bestselling author of On Trails ) as she bikes around the world collecting personal stories about how flood, fire, drought, and rising seas are changing communities. It's official: apocalyptic climate predictions finally came true. Catastrophic wildfires, relentless hurricanes, melting permafrost, and coastal flooding have given us a taste of what some communities have already been living with for far too long. Yet, we don't often hear the voices of the people most affected. Journalist Devi Lockwood set out to change that. In 1,001 Voices on Climate Change , Lockwood travels the world, often by bicycle, collecting first-person accounts of climate change. She frequently carried with her a simple carboard sign reading, "Tell me a story about climate change." Over five years, covering twenty countries across six continents, Lockwood hears from indigenous elders and youth in Fiji and Tuvalu about drought and disappearing coastlines, attends the UN climate conference in Morocco, and bikes the length of New Zealand and Australia, interviewing the people she meets about retreating glaciers, contaminated rivers, and wildfires. She rides through Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia to listen to marionette puppeteers and novice Buddhist monks. From Denmark and Sweden to China, Turkey, the Canadian Artic, and the Peruvian Amazon, she finds that ordinary people sharing their stories foes far more to advance understanding and empathy than even the most alarming statistics and studies. This "luminous book" (Deborah Blum, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Poison Squad and The Poisoner's Handbook ) is a hopeful global listening tour for climate change, channeling the urgency of those who have already glimpsed the future to help us avoid the worst.

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