Two for Joy

#2 The Magpie Society

The chilling sequel to the #1 YA bestseller The Magpie Society- One For Sorrow. Audrey and Ivy, determined to bring their fellow student Lola Radcliffe's killer to justice, find themselves in the middle of another mystery when a friend disappears in suspicious circumstances. Their only clue is a mysterious card left by the enigmatic Magpie Society. With time running out and the police baffled, Audrey and Ivy must delve deeper than ever into the dark secrets that their school is hiding. But someone is playing a deadly game. And to beat them, Audrey and Ivy have to start rewriting the rules...

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May, 2022
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Nov, 2021
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Nov, 2021
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Nov, 2021

Oct, 2021
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Oct, 2021
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