Time to Murder and Create

Matthew Scudder

Small-time stoolie, Jake " The Spinner" Jablon, made a lot of new enemies when he switched careers, from informer to blackmailer. And the more "clients", he figured, the more money -- and more people eager to see him dead. So no one is surprised when the pigeon is found floating in the East River with his skull bashed in. And what's worse, no one cares -- except Matthew Scudder. The ex-cop-turned-private-eye is no conscientious avenging angel. But he's willing to risk his own life and limb to confront Spinner's most murderously aggressive marks. A job's a job after all -- and Scudder's been paid to find a killer -- by the victim...in advance.

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Nov, 2011
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Oct, 2011
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Sep, 1999
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Jan, 1997

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Jun, 1993
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United States Nov, 1991
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Apr, 1985

Oct, 2009

Dec, 1979

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New: $139.99

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