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Textbook Romance

Wouldn't it be great if there was a textbook with clear lessons on clever dating and how to build that Perfect Relationship? One that tells it straight but lets you laugh at yourself too? One that leaves you with your dignity and your personality intact? There is! Hint: Turn this book over. See? Zoë Foster, relationships guru, provides whip-smart step-by-step lessons in successful romancing, with male commentary from self-confessed male, Hamish Blake. From 'Never Drink and Text' to the secrets of avoiding the 'Thai and Tracksuit Pants Curse' and the meaning of 'Engaging the Apricot', Textbook Romance is essential reading for every girl looking for love that lasts.

Booko found 4 book editions of Textbook Romance by Zoe Foster

Details Published Format New Used
Textbook Romance by Zoe Foster, ISBN: 9780734311245
Textbook Romance
May, 2015 Paperback Click to Check Click to Check
Textbook Romance by Zoe Foster Blake, Hamish Blake, ISBN: 9781760140038
Textbook Romance
Apr, 2014 eBook - EPUB Click to Check Click to Check
Textbook Romance by Hamish Blake, Zoe Foster Blake, ISBN: 9781742535449
Textbook Romance
Feb, 2012 eBook - EPUB $12.99 Click to Check
Textbook Romance by Hamish Blake, Foster Blake, Zoe, ISBN: 9780143009474
Textbook Romance
Australia Oct, 2009 Paperback $16.89 $20.52

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