Everybody Dies (Matt Scudder Mysteries)

Matthew Scudder

Matt Scudder is finally leading a comfortable life. The crime rate's down and the stock market's up. Gentrification's prettying-up the old neighborhood. The New York streets don't look so mean anymore.

Then all hell breaks loose.

Scudder quickly discovers the spruced-up sidewalks are as mean as ever, dark and gritty and stained with blood. He's living in a world where the past is a minefield, the present is a war zone, and the future's an open question. It's a world where nothing is certain and nobody's safe, a random universe where no one's survival can be taken for granted. Not even his own.

A world where everybody dies.

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Jul, 2010
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Nov, 1999
New: $25.49

Used: $11.00
Sep, 1999
New: $19.55

Used: $13.35
Oct, 1998
New: $80.97

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Oct, 1998

United States Oct, 1998
New: $32.92

Used: $16.65
Oct, 2009

New: $297.71

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