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Essays on the Essay

Though historically essays were the province of revered writers such as Samuel Johnson, Ralph Waldo Emerson, W.B.Yeats, William Hazlitt, D.H.Lawrence and Virginia Woolf, the word essay has come to be a general rather than specific term for any type of prose writing other than fiction. Formally slighted, excluded from literary study and relegated to a lesser status behind fiction and poetry, the essay nonetheless maintains an uncelebrated popularity through contemporary writers such as Annie Dillard, Joan Didion, Paul Theroux and James Baldwin. In "Essays on the Essay", Alexander Butrym has assembled 21 essayists who explore the limits of this "abandoned" genre - through history, criticism and appreciation. Scott Russell Sanders claims that the essay allows a first-person narrator to explore writing in ways not possible in other more strictly defined genres. Barbara Mellix channels into her essays a mastery of and appreciation for language learned through speaking "black" English at home and writing "proper" English at school. O.B.Hardison, Jr, insists that the essay is the predominant form of modern writing and, in fact, is a form of writing read by everyone. Other essays look specifically at the work of T.S.Eliot, Loren Eiseley and Aldo Leopold, as well as the writings of historically well known essayists who expanded the boundaries of acceptability in essay writing and added their own interpretations of the genre. The collection also includes specific pieces about teaching

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Essays on the Essay by Alexander J. Butrym (Editor), Barbara Mellix (Contributor), Rockwell Gray (Contributor), Michael L. Hall (Contributor), Paul J. Korshin (Contributor), George Core (Contributor), Douglas Hesse (Contributor), ISBN: 9780820311685
Essays on the Essay
Jan, 1990 Paperback Being refreshed... Being refreshed...
Essays on the Essay by Alexander J. Butrym (Editor), ISBN: 9780820311609
Essays on the Essay
Jan, 1989 Hardback Being refreshed... Being refreshed...

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