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Weirdo (#1, WeirDo Series)

Part of the series WeirDo Series

My parents could have given me any first name at all, like John, Kevin, Shmevin . . . ANYTHING. Instead Im stuck with the worst name since Mrs Face called her son Bum. Meet Weir Do. No, thats not a typo, thats his name! Weir Dos the new kid in school. With an unforgettable name, a crazy family and some seriously weird habits, fitting in wont be easy . . . but it will be funny!

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Details Published Format New Used
Weirdo (Weirdo #1) by Anh Do, ISBN: 9781338305586
Weirdo (Weirdo #1)
Dec, 2018 Paperback $12.22 $13.56
Weirdo by Anh Do, Jules Faber, ISBN: 9781925063219
Oct, 2013 eBook $10.66 Click to Check
Weirdo by Anh Do, ISBN: 9781742837581
Oct, 2013 Paperback $9.79 $6.00

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