Your Own Kind of Girl

Your Own Kind of Girl is a memoir. But it's so much more than that: it's a call to arms for women everywhere, to start talking about the things we never talk about but should. Clare Bowditch's childhood and early adulthood were punctuated with grief, anxiety and disordered eating - reaching a critical point in her early twenties. In telling her own story, she wants to ask: Why do we put immense pressure on ourselves as women? What kind of nirvana do we think we'll achieve when we're 'skinny'? What language do we give to the ubiquitous anxieties so many of us harbour but don't quite know how to talk about? At turns witty, incisive and devastating, Your Own Kind of Girl is a revealing memoir, an empowering call to arms, and a rallying cry for anyone who needs to shout down their inner critic.

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