Mighty Minotaur

Rise of the Mythix #2

The minotaur will be recognised by his strength. Kelly doesn't believe in ancient prophecies. Then again, up until recently, she also didn't believe a horn could grow out of her forehead. Now the Collector is holding her mother hostage, and if Kelly wants to rescue her she needs to learn how to wield all the powers of the Unicorn. She also needs some help. She needs to find... the Minotaur. Minh knows something epic is going on. For the last year, he has been getting stronger and stronger. He can pull a plough as well as any horse. He can lift cars. But he has no idea that this is just the beginning... Kelly and Minh will need to help each other if they are to have any hope of bringing down the Collector and rescuing the people they love.

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Apr, 2020
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Apr, 2020
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Apr, 2020
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